157 – Movie Therapy

This time the invaders share some Halloween stories and memories, their love/hate relationship with Star Wars, and movie therapy in general. Get it here!

156 – Caffeinated Edition!

The invaders swap some stories around their latest video game trades! Get it here! Want to check out the Game Store mentioned in this episode: https://gamezandmore.com/ Want to follow the video …

155 – Arby’s Edition

The Brain Invaders are tooling around the MN Metro for some lunch, some thrifts, and some brews.  Discussing Raspberry Pi, Arby’s Meat, and A Nightmare on Elm Street! Get it here!

149 – Nintendo Night!

The invaders put down the beer and pick up their SNES controllers (and beers).  Street Fighter, Super Mario, and Star Fox! Get it here! Do you want to join us on …