121 – Service Calls

In this week’s tantalizing episode Chuck and Thomas venture out into the night to recreate Chuck’s service call route.  Of course they detour for a beer and some vinyl along …

120 – Episode CXX

Thomas and Chuck take a little trip to Twin Peaks!  After coffee and doughnuts they wind their way around the SNES classic debacle and determine if the games are worth …

118 – Lets Talk About It

This week the hosts talk about It.  We also cover Amazon deliveries, Taco Bell.  Plus two adventures with EP Mike Hanks! Chuck tells us a little about working at the …

117 – A Big Spider In There

Invading with Executive Producer Mike Hanks! This week the crazy fellas riff about IT, I.T., old bat flix, bat card, bat nips, and a few other Burton mistakes. Chuck got …

115 – Punchy Face

Harrowing tales of garage sales, horrendous resellers, the state of Magic the Gathering, and all kinds of hilarity! Download the new episode here!

114 – The Beef!

Invading with thoughts on the new IT movie trailer, bootlegging videos in the 90’s, and Chuck’s beef with the current state of Nintendo. Download the new episode here!

113 – Keep on Crusing

Thomas and Chuck take a ride around the metro looking for a place to wet their whistle.  Rants about E.T. 80’s films, card stores, and Blockbuster shenanigans! Download the new episode here!