051 – Meggie Kwait

Hundreds of people appear as contestants on TV’s “Jeopardy!” every year. So why was Meggie Kwait’s appearance so memorable? The host will explain as he learns many fascinating details about …

50 – Bayfield Wisconsin

In this episode, the host shares his fascination with island living, based upon a short vacation getaway to Wisconsin.  And then he reminisces about a lost weekend to that same …

049 – April Pease

The host has a personal connection to a woman he has never met, and he discusses her complex story in this episode of the podcast. And how does a woman …

048 – Izzy Presley

The podcast’s only annual guest returns for season 4 and discusses how current events are affecting him and those who live and work in Hollyweird.  Get it here!

047 – Wonderhussy

A Nevada adventurer who likes to explore the desert outside of her Las Vegas home may surprise you with a story or two from her past. Get it here!