049 – April Pease

The host has a personal connection to a woman he has never met, and he discusses her complex story in this episode of the podcast. And how does a woman …

048 – Izzy Presley

The podcast’s only annual guest returns for season 4 and discusses how current events are affecting him and those who live and work in Hollyweird.  Get it here!

047 – Wonderhussy

A Nevada adventurer who likes to explore the desert outside of her Las Vegas home may surprise you with a story or two from her past. Get it here!

045 – Highrise Joe

The host remembers a man he never met, but talked to more than once. What made Highrise Joe so quirky and unique? The host will explore that, after discussing how …

044 – Friendster

Discussion of a ninth-grade social studies film, classic ’80s tunes, the demise of Myspace and a woman who chronicles her desert exploration via YouTube are all sandwiched around the host’s …