122 – Numa Numa

The four Pebkac peasants decide that they have something to say!  Firefox Quantum, AWS DeepLense, Numa Numa anniversary, breaches at Uber, the ongoing war between Amazon and Google, aaaaaand Bitcoin …

121 – The Dark Days are Coming

Two lonely Pebs walk along the shores of the internet.  Covering a few new apps, neat thermostats, DJI’s oopsie, and the potential end of the internet. Protect Net Neutrality!  Head …

119 – Distribute Our Load

More internet outages, malicious actions at UFC, Shane’s favorite websites go down, and an autonomous car gets in a wreak on it’s first day out. Direct Download / RSS / iTunes

117 – T-Boned!

Nerdy travel tips, Amazon Key nonsense, and Dan’s harrowing tale and car quest!  All this and more on another exciting episode of PEBKAC! Direct Download / RSS / iTunes

116 – Something.BIN

This week the boys drop some knowledge about the KRAK wifi vulnerability, thoughts on iOS 11, status on the crew’s Ring doorbells, and the new Jersey Studio’s Discord channel! Direct …

115 – Cowboy Drunk

This week the boys switch back to beer.  Picking apart Google’s new products, Equifax and their latest oopsie, Accenture and their Amazon mistake, and uses for vision AI. Direct Download / RSS / iTunes

114 – White Girl Wasted Part II

Saddle up and hear all about Apple Watch Series 3, some latest Equifax ridiculousness, Shane’s triumph with the RING Doorbell, the cat-fight between Amazon and Google, and Good Ol’ Deloitte …