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020 – The Weinlicks

In June of 1998, David and Elizabeth Weinlick were married. Their marriage and life after, is an unusual and somewhat famous story. This week’s episode looks back upon their wedding …

128 – They’re all Dead!

Saddle up with Thomas and Shane as they dive through more network malarky, soaring GPU costs and potential flooding of other PC parts, and an all around good time! Direct …

127 – Intoxicated

Intoxicated, gigabit internet, network gear setup, pi-hole setup, Reddit 2FA, Elon Musk’s new flamethrower, and so much more! Direct Download / RSS / iTunes

126 – Powers Out

The PEBKAC Crew rolls out with some CES updates, Hawaiian missile alerts, falling Bitcoin prices, and more home network updates. Direct Download / RSS / iTunes