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247 – PEBKAC is so Brave

Shane dives in to add a few more items into the Apple stew and the team discusses the validity of Macbooks. Direct Download / RSS / iTunes / Spotify Don’t forget to join us on Discord

057 – Carl Ferris

It’s not the music of Carl Ferris that intrigues the podcast host, it’s how and why he performs it, nightly, for thousands of people. Carl’s story follows recollections of how …

246 – Spring Loaded

QUICK! Shane is away…talk about more Apple stuff! Direct Download / RSS / iTunes / Spotify Don’t forget to join us on Discord

056 – Jahna Steele

Season 5 of the podcast begins with a long, sorted tale from the host’s past, inspired by the recent misadventures of his friend. From there, it’s a tribute to the …

245 – Get Better Internet

The FBI fixes your Exchange server, Dan continues trenching, we say goodbye to Harmony remotes, and learn more about a plot against Amazon. Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes / Spotify Don’t forget to join us …