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188 – Google Stadia

This week a problem exists between several large data breaches and the release of Google Stadia! Don’t forget to join us on Discord Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes Don’t forget to join …

157 – Movie Therapy

This time the invaders share some Halloween stories and memories, their love/hate relationship with Star Wars, and movie therapy in general. Get it here!

156 – Caffeinated Edition!

The invaders swap some stories around their latest video game trades! Get it here! Want to check out the Game Store mentioned in this episode: Want to follow the video …

186 – Equifax admin:admin

The PEBKAC troublemakers discuss the latest Equifax follies, the NordVPN breach, fooling the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader, and teamviewer getting pwnd! Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes


The PEBKAC crew is here in full force so get excited!  Tearing into the latest product announcements from Microsoft and Google! Don’t forget to join us on Discord Direct …