50 – Bayfield Wisconsin

In this episode, the host shares his fascination with island living, based upon a short vacation getaway to Wisconsin.  And then he reminisces about a lost weekend to that same …


The PEBKAC Podcast launches into orbit with hardware hacking, Kickstarter backing, and even a little recent breach over at Intel Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes / Spotify Don’t forget to join us on Discord discord.gg/Zb2Srf

212 – When Phones Were Fun

The PEBKAC social hour.  The crew discusses a few of their current nerdy projects, make some foolish purchases, get nostalgic on cell phones, and discuss some of the news.  Breach …

211 – For Fox Sake

A gaggle of PEBKACs hash out some of the latest news within Twitter, they solve Dan’s PC debacle, oggle over burger robots, and watch Henry Cavill build a PC. Direct …

210 – Un-Synchronized

The PEBKAC dives into some lo-fi tinfoil hacks and brute forcing and learn about Dan’s TIKTOK obsession. Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes / Spotify Don’t forget to join us on Discord discord.gg/Zb2Srf

049 – April Pease

The host has a personal connection to a woman he has never met, and he discusses her complex story in this episode of the podcast. And how does a woman …

209 – Apple WWDC 2020

Shane isn’t here…quick lets discuss Apple’s announcements made at this year’s World-Wide Developers Conference. Direct Download/ RSS / iTunes Don’t forget to join us on Discord discord.gg/Zb2Srf